Friday, April 18, 2014

Building Excitement for Reading

Building Excitement for Reading

When you use guided reading levels and Common Core reading guidelines, you do still have to get the students excited about the idea of learning and reading. That is the main key to success. If they are excited about it, it is far easier to get them to do it, and there is a much larger chance that they will actually learn and take something away from it. You do not simply want the students to go through their work with a sense of necessity, feeling that they have no other choice. You want them to think that reading is both fun and educational.

There are many ways to do this, but one tactic that can be used is allowing students to pick their own books. Of course, you cannot leave it entirely open-ended, or you never know what they would come up with. However, you can give them a selection of books to choose from. Pick out ten that would all fit what you are trying to accomplish, and then let them pick whichever ones they want out of those ten.

Doing this gives the students a feeling of ownership in the project. They love that they get to make the choice on their own. It also realistically means that they are going to pick something that they are more interested in than the other options, so they will be more likely to read it. Limiting the options still gives you the control over the project that you need.

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