Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Chaplain Who Walked Into My Hospital Room

By now, you know I had kidney surgery less than a week ago. If you did not know, I had five percent of my right kidney cut off to remove a lesion. It was tough, scary and a real lesson in life. I can't explain the pain and the helplessness I felt lying in the hospital room. I know, 49 years old, male, we should be able to handle everything. This is an experience I am recovering from and one I will never forget. I am still in pain, weak, but I am recovering.

On Sunday, a man walked into my room. He looked like any man, but he was a Chaplain. He said hello and asked me if I wanted to take the Lord's Supper. I readily accepted. We recited The Lord's Prayer together. He prayed for me, wished me well and served me The Lord's Supper. He was only there for a few minutes. He was soft spoken, very sincere and humble. I felt like an angel walked into my room to lift me up. I will never forget the Chaplain who walked into my hospital room. In a few moments, he changed my life.

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