Monday, November 25, 2013

My Kidney Operation On November 21st

I spent four days in Tampa General Hospital because they had to cut off five percent of my right kidney. I could not eat solid food for four days or take a shower for four days. The first day they had to put a tube into my stomach because my small intestines did not work right away. I was released yesterday and am improving at home. Kidney surgery is more serious than I thought. The surgery is more painful and you really have to push yourself to recover. They allowed me to leave the hospital because I decided to walk through the pain everyday. Today, at home, I actually walked two miles.

Hope the pictures do not gross you out too much. I cannot lift anything over eight pounds for six weeks and my kidney should work one hundred percent in around six months or so. The doctor said walking, walking and walking is the best medicine.

As you can see, I did not eat for four days, but gained 5-7 pounds in gas, yes GAS in my stomach which I will have to pass over the next few days or so.

The patch covers a small hole where a tube was placed in a hole in my kidney. The tube sucked blood out of my kidney and helped the healing process. Over time, the blood slows down until it finally stops bleeding. If you ever have to have kidney surgery, expect it is more than you could possibly imagine.

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