Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Discount Healthcare For Your Entire Family You Can Afford

This kind of healthcare can help bring down the cost of your insurance. I know my deductibles are getting higher and higher, this healthcare can fill in the gaps and is there to help you when you need it. 

Control Your Care Now

Healthcare costs and out-of-pocket expenses are skyrocketing! Now you can get benefits for you, your family, and/or employees that make a real difference, saving you time and money.
Advantage Plus Health Essentials includes:
Healthcare Services
  • Virtual House Call - Healthcare on YOUR schedule, anytime, anywhere. One call gets you a board-certified physician who will discuss your symptoms, diagnose your illness, and if needed, call in your prescription to your local pharmacy. Simple, easy, access from your home, office, or when traveling. ZERO cost for the doctor consultation.
  • Wellness - make your own plan to stay healthy and fit.
  • Medical Bill Saver™ - negotiates and drives down costs of your medical and dental bills that are over $400.
  • Medical Health Advisor - one call gets you personal attention.
  • Nurseline™ - connect to registered nurses 24/7/365.
Savings from our National Network of providers
  • Dental, Vision, Eyewear, Pharmacy, Vitamins, Diabetic Supplies, Durable Medical Equipment
  • Lab Tests, MRI & CT Scans, Chiropractic
Click on any of the benefits under the Advantage Plus Health Essentials area for more details.
Saving America on Healthcare.
$19.95 per month for you & your family.
- See more at: http://www.controlmycare.com/#sthash.LAuIAwuf.dpuf

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