Monday, November 25, 2013

Buy Your Husband A Razor Strop For Christmas

A razor strop is an old-fashioned men's shaving accessory that still has a place in society today. Many men prefer the the close, meticulous shave that a straight-edged razor can provide, and part of that meticulous shave is dependent on having a smooth, sharp razor edge -- which is what the strop provides. Of course, if you're going to shave "the old-fashioned way", you'll want to make sure you have the right materials on hand: a straight-edged blade, shaving cream and a brush with which to apply it, and, of course, the shaving strop.

Razor strops are typically made out of leather and fabric, and are designed to be hung from a stable purpose in order for the strop to be pulled taut so that the applied razor can be safely and efficiently stropped (sharpened and smoothed in preparation for shaving). Other types of strops can be handled and used with your hands, or may be attached to a special paddle or loom. Most razor strops are two or three inches in width, with varying lengths depending on where and how the strop will be mounted and kept still for blade stropping. The leather material is what provides optimal stropping (smoothing, sharpening, and edge alignment), whereas the fabric simply provides a comfortable surface for holding or gripping. The colors you choose for a razor strop are all about personal preference, but you'll want to opt for a three inch width strop for the easiest and most efficient surface for stropping your razor blade. There are many strop mounting options available, but the wall mount provides the most stability and the most easiest of use.

If you have never shaved with a plain razor blade before, you'll definitely want to have a razor strop on hand so that you can keep your blade in optimal condition. Whether you shave with a plain blade or a modernized men's razor, you're doubtless all too familiar with the poor quality shave and skin irritation that result from a dull or choppy blade. By using a razor strop on a regular basis (before every shave), you'll keep your razor blade in smooth, ultra-sharp condition that will last you through many shaves.

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