Friday, December 23, 2011

I won the Zone Diet and What I Think of It

I won the Zone Diet on another blog. I am not overweight, so I don't need to lose weight. I am a 47 year old father of three who exercises nearly every day. I have never tried a diet, but I always watch what I eat to try to stay healthy.

The Zone Diet came in the mail and I was surprised with the contents. There was a bunch of bread, snacks, supplements, granola, pizza crusts and pastas. I looked the food over and tried some of it. I noticed the breads tasted heavier than other breads, so I checked out what was in the stuff. The people who made the Zone Diet put a bunch of protein in the bread to mix it with the carbs. Everything is loaded with protein.

I did not and will not stick to this diet. However, I have used some of the products in my diet and the Zone Diet food really fills you up. The best thing about this diet is the food is better for you than what you can buy at the supermarket. I believe if people really stuck to this diet, they would eat healthy and lose some weight. It is good to see a company who actually has a diet product which is healthy. Check out their products at The Zone Diet.

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