Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tower Heist, The Short Review

My daughter and I went to see Tower Heist today at our local AMC Theatre. Tower Heist only gets a 68 percent rating from Rotten Tomato and 62 percent of the people who watched it actually liked it. We watched the movie and were pleasantly surprised.  (Picture courtesy of AMC)

Tower Heist stars Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, Tea Leoni and a few other stars. The movie is about a man who steals millions of dollars from many people in a Ponzi scheme. Ben Stiller has Eddie Murphy ( a small time thief) help him and his friends steal the many back from the bad dude played by Alan Alda (who looks really old, by the way)

The movie has plenty of humor, a few pieces of suspense and action and is just a plain fun movie to watch. It was good to see Eddie Murphy and his humor on the big screen again. Tower Heist won't win movie of the year. None of the actors will win any prestigious awards for their acting, but the movie was fun to watch. Take it from a fan of movies, it's worth sneaking into the local AMC for a matinee, enjoy the film.

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