Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lost In The Forest

I am lost in the forest
Darkness surrounds me
My every move is detected
By the voices of the night

Every path I follow
Is like the path before
A road to nowhere
And nothing in store

With the fool moon
Comes an angry howl
A sinister evil
Is on the prowl

Demons search for me
Their arms are like the vines
Of the great tree
Reaching for me

The forest is closing in on me
I am lost in my anxiety
A life of loneliness
Surrounded by trees

My soul is empty
My heart full of pain
I walk the same paths
again and again and again

I must find a way out of the forest
I feel the end is near
The things I have done
Are destroying me from within

I fall on to my knees
Please somebody help me
I am lost in the forest
And my deepest fears have found me

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