Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I Won The Toy A Day Giveaway At Besttoysguide.com

It is cool to be a winner for once when you run a giveaway site. I joined Sponsored Tweets and one of my Tweets was a link to Besttoysguide.com. I saw the company had a toy a day giveaway, so I figured I would join it. The next day, the company emailed me and told me I won the Simon Flash Game.

I checked on their website and sure enough, I was listed as one of their winners. A couple of weeks later the Simon Flash Game came in the mail. Immediately, my fifteen year old daughter claimed the toy on her Christmas list.

The game looks cool, it's an electronic version of the old Simon Says game we middle-aged people played as children. The game lights up and tells you what to/not to do, Simon Says. I look forward to playing this game on Christmas morning with my children. Thanks goes out to Besttoysguide.com for sending me my prize.

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