Thursday, December 8, 2011

The FreeScore Commercial

I just watched the new commercial on the internet. The commercial was cute and brought across the point of the company very well, you need to watch your credit score at all times. FreeScore calls their new commercial the FreeScore Prison Lineup and this is what happened in the commercial.

A guy walks into a room in the jail to look at a lineup of criminals. The lady official says she will take care of the culprit. The guy looks through the window and the commercial changes into a credit rating commercial. The culprit of this commercial that is ruining this guys change to get his loan is the man with the low credit score written on his clothes. All of the other men in the commercial have good credit scores written on their clothes. The guy points out the culprit who tries to make a run for it.

The FreeScore commercial was to the point and cute. It made a good point about bad credit scores. It also showed other men with good credit scores who were not in trouble with the law. is a credit monitoring company that gives you your credit scores from all three credit bureaus. Their commercial shows you they will be watching over your credit at all times and protecting you from the culprit, the bad credit score.

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