Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How To Tell If You Are A Me Person

Usually a Me person does not know they are a Me person. They are so into themselves, they have no idea what is going on. We live in a society filled with people who think about themselves in every aspect of their lives. Most people look at number one first, but Me people look at number one all of the time. Here are some personality traits of a Me person.

1.       A Me person may have a significant other or family member who is having surgery for a serious illness. A Me person will look at the outcome of the surgery only in the way it affects them. They often overlook the feelings and health of the other person and worry about themselves.

2.       In the same way, A Me person will look at every aspect of their lives at how it affects them and often only them

3.       If a Me person is sick, the world is ending

4.       A Me person will likely blow a stop sign or a red light if they are in a hurry

5.       A Me person will expect others to take care of their every need

6.       A Me person can overlook your birthday, but you cannot overlook their birthday. This goes for Christmas, anniversaries and every other gift giving occasion

These are only a few examples of a Me person. You may know one or be one yourself. If you look in the mirror everyday and think about yourself and how everything and everybody affects you, you are a Me person. If you are a Me person, there is still hope. Tomorrow, wake up and spend a part of your day thinking about the needs and doing things for other people......

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