Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sending Movies To Your iPod

I always wanted to learn how to send movies to my iPod. I saw people on television watching movies on their iPod and it made me jealous. I think it would be cool to watch movies on my iPod while on a long trip. I am not exactly the tech savvy father I want to be, but I am good at following directions. All I wish for Christmas is an the ability to transfer my movies to my iPod.

I also love to watch videos on YouTube and it would be cool to be able to send my favorites to my iPod. I love to watch all the funny videos people make on YouTube and it would be great to be able to share them with my family and friends at my convenience. Lucky for me there is a company who does all this for people like me at a reasonable price.

ImToo is a video converter company. They have free and reasonably priced versions that meet all of my needs. I can now send movies to my iPod and watch them at my convenience. I can also convert my YouTube videos to other and more convenient video formats. The most important thing is I can do this free and/or at a reasonable price. The choice is up to me. I can't wait to try out this cool product. The moment I send movies to my iPod, you may never hear from me again.

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