Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Her Piece of Sand-Poetry I Wrote Many Years Ago

The lady watches summer sand
slowly drift by, one piece is still in her hand
One tiny speck of eternity
without love it can never be

  Feelings can make it real,
but still, blindness can conceal it
...The lady slowly approaches the van
knowing love is still in her hand

Suddenly, teardrops wash it from her hand
taking with it, her piece of sand
Anxiously she looks, crying most desperately:
"where can it be?"

Her teardrops continue to flow
while inside she begins to grow
Running down her cheeks they dry,
but deep inside, she still cries

Slowly her life begins again
she gets caught up in something new
Until one day someone touches her hand
and in it she finds her piece of sand 

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