Sunday, May 11, 2014

Keeping In Shape Takes The Right Shoes

I like to hike all the time.  I also have a strange shoe size and it is hard to find clearance running shoes that fit me. That is why I have to do more investigation than most other people.  I go to the mall and have a really hard time finding what I want. I also go to sporting goods stores, but they are always overpriced and I have a hard time finding what I want.  Almost all the time, I find myself going online to find what I need when it comes to the shoes I want and need.
I will be turning fifty this year and I had a health scare last year. The doctor and I agreed that it would be a good idea for me to spend my time walking and hiking. I can’t run anymore because running is too hard for my body. I also like hiking because I love nature and it calms me down. I spend hours walking on trails and just thinking about life. I spend so much time in the outdoors; I find I need to buy the right pair of shoes or my feet will hurt.  I remember one time; the shoes were too tight that my little toe turned black and blue. The pain was horrible and it made it hard for me to continue my hikes.
I decided to go online to a place called "The Clymb" to see if they had what I needed. These guys have the shoes I need and the prices I want to pay. I like online shopping better because I can find everything I need on the site, pay for and receive it in the mail in a few days. No more going to the mail or the big sporting goods stores, only turning around without the shoes I need.

In less than a week, I have my new shoes and I am back to hiking every day. I no longer have to worry about sore feet and bruised toes. With the right fitting shoes, I am on my way and my feet are comfortable. If you are like me, you like hiking or walking. You also like good quality, good fitting shoes tat make your hike more fun.

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