Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Is Vinesse Wine Club A Scam?

I clicked on a special through Inbox Dollars to join American Cellars Wine Club. The club cost $41.94 and one cent for shipping. This is for six bottles of wine. I was accepted and gave my credit card information. I went out of town to work The Player's Championship. When I got home, looked at a credit card statement that said I was charged $114.99 by Vinesse. I went to the site and put in information. Took me awhile to sign in because I had to request a password. My order to American Cellars Wine Club was changed to the Vinesse main site to an account that was opened in 2006 and had already been canceled. They took my credit card and reopened an old account and charged me full price for the wine. To make matters worse, no package came to my door. I clicked on the shipping link, which said UPS dropped the package at my door on May 9th. I did not get home from The Player's Championship until early May 11th. I also thought it was odd that UPS actually said they dropped a package of wine at my door.

I went straight to my credit card company and disputed the charge. I haven't called the Vinesse company yet because I am waiting for my credit card company to do their thing first. I will recancel this account afterwards, canceling it before may make it tougher to have my money credited back  to my credit card. I will also file a complaint on BBB website, where Vinesse is given a B rating. I think they get the B rating because they do scam people, but when people complain on BBB, they get their money back. This is a company that says no obligation, but they make things hard to deal with them unless you use the credit card company or the BBB website.

I will give more updates, once this mess is fixed. Beware of this company because I have heard some bad news about them, after my week investigation of them. I hear they overcharge for wine and you just read my situation.

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