Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pet Names We Call Our Children

Boo is the pet name I have for my little girl. I wrote this poem when she was two. She is four now and I still call her Boo. The name stuck and the whole family calls her Boo. Pet names are another way you can make your children feel special. This is a poem I wrote for my little girl.
Boo was two
two was Boo
I want to eat
myself a Boo
I start with her tummy
It's oh so yummy
little Boo
thinks it's really funny
I bite her nose
her little nose
little Boo giggles
No! No! No! No!
she growls back at me
my little Boo
I'm not quite sure
what I shall do
I grab her feet
and nibble her toes
little Boo nibbles back
on the end of my nose
Boo is two
two is Boo
my heart is now full
from eating my Boo
Pet names are a fantastic way to show your children how special they are to you. We do not always get all the time we want to spend with our children. Making them feel special during those few moments in a day you have can fill your children's hearts with joy. In fact, your heart will be filled too. Enjoy your children while they are still little like my Boo. Boo was two, now she is four. Time goes by very fast, enjoy every moment.

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