Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bad Experience With Blockbuster Express

If you have had a bad experience with the Blockbuster Express Box, you are not alone. I have been there and the fun is not over yet. It reminds me of their stores in the olden days, the customers were always wrong. If a mistake was made it was not Blockbuster's fault. It was always the customer's fault. Makes you wonder why so many of their stores have already gone under.

Our story began about a month ago. My fifteen year old daughter got free coupon codes for the Blockbuster Express Box from Facebook. Somebody on Facebook sent her the codes every day and they worked for free movies in the Blockbuster Express box. The codes were always for one free one day video. There was no limit to the amount of codes you used.

We went to Publix and used the Blockbuster Express Box codes my daughter found on Facebook. We selected three movies, added a code for each movie and had to enter our credit card information. I used my American Express card and we got three free movie rentals, or so we thought.

The next day, I brought the movie rentals back to the Blockbuster Express Box personally. I followed the directions to return the DVD's and returned each one. The Blockbuster Express Box accepted each rental and asked me if I was finished. I thought I was finished, but my story has just begun.

About a week later, we received three emails from Blockbuster that they were charging us $32 for all three DVD's they believed we did not return. I was shocked and immediately checked my American Express account. Sure enough, Blockbuster charged me $96 for the three DVD rentals I already returned. We emailed Blockbuster back, but they ignored us.

To make a long story short, I finally got in touch with the American Express company. They put a reversal on the transactions while they investigate the situation. I told them the story about the free codes on Facebook, the transactions with the Blockbuster Express Box and the emails from Blockbuster. The story is not over, but I am sure American Express will rectify the situation.

The moral of the story-Free Blockbuster movie codes from Facebook are not worth the pain Blockbuster puts people through. We have heard many stories like this and we are living through our own story. Blockbuster is losing more and more business every day because they really do not care about their customers. They will never learn and they will lose our business forever. Does Blockbuster care? Obviously not!

Personal experience

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