Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Coffie Family Makes The Graveyard Cookie Kit

The Coffie family loves to find deals. We went to Target yesterday and they had all of their Halloween leftovers 90% off. We bought four costumes, decorations and The Graveyard Cookie Kit. The kit was $9.99 and we paid $1.00  for it. Here is the kit before we built it:

It took us about an hour to put this kit together and decorate it. Some of the cookies were broken, so it was hard to keep them up, but we did our best. Megan designed it, while Khloe, Kyle and I decorated as much as we could, it was fun. Here is the kit during construction.

And here is the completed project:

The Graveyard Cookie Kit cost us a buck and provided us with some good family fun. The thing even tasted good, but we made sure we did not eat too much. We also bought A Chocolaty Haunted House for another buck and will put pictures up when we finally decide to put it together. 

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