Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oxford Medical Management Courses

Oxford Medical is one of the UK's largest and best providers of medical interview skills training. The company was formed in 2004 and they provide medical teaching courses, medical management courses and other career development courses. Oxford Medical is a successful company that provides doctors and medical professionals the skills they need to teach and train others using the latest educational techniques and theory. This is called the Teach the Teacher course.

The Consultant Interview course uses NHS consultants tutors to prepare doctors for their consultant interviews. This class teaches doctors to learn from other doctor's mistakes and succeed in their consultant interviews. The course is reasonable, is 100 percent guaranteed and leaves the doctor with the skills they need for their consultant interviews.

Oxford Medical has medical teaching courses for doctors in both London and Oxford. The medical teaching course is aimed at giving formal medical education training to doctors in help improve their teaching skills and styles. The course takes two days and will give doctor's all the insight and knowledge they require to take their clinical and non-clinical teaching skills to the next level.

The Medical Management Course is a three day course that will prepare doctors who are moving into a role where they will be developing services and managing others. The course will teach the doctor skills he/she will need to go into the management part of the medical field. 

Oxford Medical is CPD certified by the CPD certification service. Their services are 100 percent guaranteed and they provide the best interview classes in the UK. They are located in London and Oxford and they accept all credit cards for your convenience. 

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