Friday, January 23, 2015

Red Lobster, Brandon, FL. I Asked For A Manager, Instead I Got A Jerk

We have to buy gift cards from our kid's school because we are given money towards their education from the church. We bought gift cards from Red Lobster and were excited to eat there again. I picked my kids up from school and my wife from her job and we arrived right before 5 PM. The hostess was very nice and seated us immediately. She actually made sure we liked were we sat. The waitress was nice and attentive. Her name is Stacy if you want a good waitress when you go to Red Lobster in Brandon, FL.

My wife ordered Calamari because she loves it. I like the fried broccoli much better than the Calamari. The appetizer arrived hot and looked good. I noticed that there was a ton of Broccoli, much more than usual. There were actually 18-20 good sized pieces of broccoli, there was a bunch of peppers and only about 6 pieces of Calamari. I talked to the waitress about the situation. I told Stacy I love broccoli, but my wife ordered the Calamari and she loves Calamari. Six pieces were not enough for her. Stacy told the manager.

The manager's name is Damon at Red Lobster in Brandon. He brought what was supposed to be new Calamari and made sure he told me four times that they measure the amount of Calamari before it goes to the table. Just letting you know, he said, making sure we knew it was not his mistake and nicely accusing us of lying. I told him that I like broccoli and don't even eat the Calamari. He turned away like the Jerk he turned out to be. My wife gave my son two pieces of this knew food. My son mentioned that it was fried bread with no Calamari. My wife started to eat the Calamari and stopped. She told me the manager (jerk) brought them a plate of fried breading. I pulled each piece apart and sure enough it was breading.Damon from Red Lobster in Brandon is a real jerk and I hope you never get the opportunity to meet him. Here is the picture of our replacement Calamari. Please spread it all over Facebook.

Yes, it is all breading, with no Calamari. My wife didn't want me to deal with the manager again. I filled out the survey (online) and complained to Red Lobster. What they do will tell whether I go back to their restaurant again.

The good part about our dinner. All of the other food was delicious. Kyle ordered Crab Legs, Khloe ordered chicken fingers, my wife ordered a bowl of seafood, including lobster, mussels, scallops and shrimp, with a bunch of noodles. I ordered the peppercorn strip steak with a lobster tail. This was the best steak I ever had from Red Lobster. All of our food was delicious. The waitress Stacy was a great waitress, she did well even after The Jerk left our table to go terrorize some other unlucky customers. The bill was 93.00 and yes we paid for the Calamari. I would rather make my wife happy than to cause a scene. It was odd to me how nice all the employees treated us, when you considered how big of a jerk the manager was. I have never had a manager do something this stupid to me. I hardly ever complain because my wife doesn't like conflict when she is trying to enjoy a meal. It is sad to have a great dinner ruined by a manager who acted like this. I have no idea if he is always like this or he decided to act like a jerk, just for my family and I. I think he should be replaced by somebody who cares about the customers who walk into Red Lobster in Brandon.

If you decide to go to this Red Lobster, the food is really good. The biscuits were delicious and hot. The waitress even gave me extra dressing for my salad. I gave her a fifteen dollar tip on a 93 dollar order. She did her job and made sure everything (she had control of ) turned out great. If not for that horrible manager, I would have given this Red Lobster a five stars our of five. The problem is if you have to talk to a manager, this drops to a three star review, if you have to deal with Damon.

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