Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Pet Peeve About Paper Towels

I am almost fifty, so I hate change. I remember when paper towels were paper towels. You knew when you grabbed a paper towel, it would be large enough to do the job. Each time I grabbed the paper towel, it would be the same size.

Today, things are different. Now, the paper towel companies are cutting every paper towel in half. Ever try to clean a big mess up with half a paper towel. They say you have the choice for half or whole, but the cut makes the paper towel break every time you try to use it.

What drives me crazy is it is now hard to find full size paper towels in the store. It could be that old people are buying them up or they are not making enough for us who really care. I know, don't sweat the small things in life. I guess this means, I should not care about paper towels that continue to get smaller and smaller. Eventually, they will have each paper towel cut into twenty four squares because they all know we want choices. Please give me normal size paper towels back again.

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