Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cultivating Appreciation in Your Children’s Lives

When your children are small, they easily pick up on the things you love and do on a regular basis, especially when it comes to entertainment. If you spend your evenings watching sports on television, working on art projects, reading, or extending hospitality to friends, your children will be watching and learning those habits. If your interests are varied, childhood is a good time to begin helping your children understand and appreciate the value of art, music, athletics, and film. Expose them to a variety of different offerings in each of these areas, so when they are older, they will be able to discuss each with intelligence and appreciation. Here are a few ideas you might consider.
Teaching your kids that movies are not just a box office adventure is important. Children can learn a lot of things from movies – both positive and negative – and it’s important to give them a well-rounded understanding. Watching older movies can help your children understand history, as well as appreciate fashion of times past. Many old movies also have wholesome, witty elements that can entertain your children without you having to worry that they’re picking up things they’re too young to see. Old cartoons, black and white films, and classic television shows are great options to show your children to keep them entertained and teach them about the past.
Both boys and girls can easily learn to love and appreciate sports. When they’re young, it’s important to not only watch sports on television, but also go to some physical games. Take some time to explain to your kids what’s happening in the game, and why it’s important, and give them opportunities while they’re still young to learn the fundamentals of a particular sport. If you do it in a fun, encouraging environment, it can help your child become skilled at something, work on a team, and be fit and healthy.
Kids love art projects and playing with a medium. While they’re young, give them opportunities to learn about different mediums for creating art. Take them to art museums also and show them some of the great artists at a young age. Kids remember imagery very poignantly, so hang some famous prints in their bedrooms to continue helping them understand why we love and appreciate art. Encourage them to create.

About the Author: Amy Harrison is an artist, writer, and sports enthusiast who strives to cultivate appreciation in her three kids.  Going to football games in particular are some of her favorite memories, as an avid Green Bay fan she suggests you Click here for cheap Packers tickets.

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