Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Those Top Five Idiot Drivers

I hope you don't make my top five idiot drivers. If you do, there is something you are doing wrong. When you step into your car, you are responsible for whoever drives in your car with you. You are also responsible to follow the laws of the road. These laws are not optional, but you think you are above the law.

5) You are turning left. Somebody taught you to turn right and then turn left. The problem is you turn into the lane next to you and then you make your left turn. I bet you even blame the guy in the other lane for the accident when you eventually smash into another car. This makes you one of the top five idiot drivers.

4) You are at a crosswalk and you are turning left. The crossing guards put up their flags to let the children walk to school. You decide to turn and drive right up next to the crosswalk, so you can be the first person to drive when the crossing guards put their flags down. The problem is you are rude and you are going against the law. When the crossing guard puts up his flag, you are supposed to stop until that flag goes down. This makes you one of the top five idiot drivers.

3) You need to turn left on to a fast highway. There is a lot of traffic turning off that highway. You decide to pull your car up past the white line, so you can turn faster. When the traffic turns on to your road from the left, you continue to pull up and nearly hit them. When you do finally hit somebody, you get angry because they were making a legal turn. The accident is your fault, but you are too clueless to realize it. This makes you one of the top five idiot drivers.

2) You see the stop sign. The sign plainly reads STOP in huge letters. You think it is cool to drive through the stop sign at full speed. You cut in front of traffic and make it dangerous for everybody else on the road. When you run into another car, you get angry because they are in your way. You are more important than anybody else on the road. You don't believe you should have to follow any of the laws of the road. This makes you one of the top five idiot drivers.

1) You are driving on a busy highway. The speed limit is 70 and you are going 80. You have your cell phone sitting in the middle of your steering wheel, texting your friends at 90 miles per hour. You glance at the road, glance at your phone and back at the road again. You weave in and out of traffic like a NASCAR driver. Sadly, you are just as bad as a drunk driver. Eventually, you will hit somebody, killing them and likely yourself. This makes you one of the top five idiot drivers.

There are so many more ways to be an idiot driver. Drinking and driving or taking drugs and driving are a couple more. Part of the problem is we live in a ME world. Many people think about themselves before they think about anybody else around them. When you drive a vehicle, you are driving a potentially dangerous weapon. You are responsible for what you do behind the wheel. If you are an idiot driver, there is still hope for you. You just have to remember to care about the people around you and obey the rules of the road.

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