Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Another Alternative To Traditional Cigarette Smoking


Cigarette smoking has affected my family, as it has many. My mother smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for over thirty years. She died from lung cancer at the age of 49, she is missed. My father also smoked two packs a day and he has to pull a tank of oxygen around with him wherever he goes.  This kind of thing happens to many families of smokers. I applaud all companies that try to make smoking safer. Some people believe we are at the beginning of technology that may save some people's lives. I am not sure, but I hope it becomes a reality.

Many companies have been making Electronic cigarettes for the past few years. There have not been enough tests to prove the cigarettes to be safer, but they may be taking a step in the right direction. Let's be honest, there are not too many commercials out there toting how great cigarette smoking is anymore. Fifty years ago, cigarette smoking was advertised as the cool thing to do. Today, we have taken a step back into reality. We know (as a fact) that smoking cigarettes can cause all types of cancer. It is a deadly hobby that has taken many of our loved ones away from us.

Today, E cigs can be smoked most anywhere. There is no second hand smoke like you get from a regular cigarette. There is a vapor, but we don't have all the facts about how it affects people. I hope in the years to come, these E cigs will be proven to be safer to the smoker and everybody who comes in contact with them. If there are problems, I am convinced the companies who make these cigarettes will make sure they are safer.

There are benefits of smoking Electronic cigarettes:
· No bad breath
· No smelly clothes
· No smoke or second hand smoke
· Satisfies nicotine craving
· Satisfies the oral fixation of traditional cigarettes' "smoking experience”
· No flame. No combustion.
· Can smoke it in most places where traditional cigarettes are prohibited
· Easy to use
· Lower cost than traditional cigarettes
. 21StCentury Smokes offers a nine month warranty on their electronic cigarettes

Okay, so you are a smoker just like my sister and some other members of my family, friends. You know what has happened to some of the people in my family from smoking cigarettes. We all know smoking cigarettes is dangerous and can cause cancer. You have another option, Electronic cigarettes. I have allergies and traditional cigarette smoke makes me sick. I (for one) would rather go to a home where somebody is smoking electronic cigarettes instead of traditional cigarettes. I cannot stand the smell cigarettes leave on my clothing, skin and in my sinuses. I have never had a problem dealing with these same things when my friends smoke electronic cigarettes. I hope this means our technology has taken a giant step in the right direction.

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