Friday, January 3, 2014

Favorite Duck Dynasty Characters-Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson is the father and founder of Duck Dynasty. When he was a young man, he was a mean drunk who was horrible to his family. He sent them all away. He eventually got help and became a good father and husband. The business made his entire family millionaires. Phil became a Christian and is now a great leader for his entire family.

Phil has been in the news lately. GLAAD was mad at Phil because he quoted the Bible when asked his opinion about gay marriage. He was suspended from the show, but was reinstated when many fans (and his family) came to his defense. Phil says on the show that every man should be lucky enough to meet a fifteen year old girl like his wife. This was taken out of context by the media. Phil married his wife Kay when she was fifteen and he talks about her as the perfect wife. He believes every man should be as lucky as he is.

Phil loves to hunt and fish. He loves to live off the land. He also loves his wife and his entire family. His favorite thing to say is Happy Happy Happy. He is not overly excited with technology, like cell phones. Phil prays for the family every night when they eat dinner together. It is great to see this on television. Duck Dynasty is a cool show. The family tell us they are rednecks. They are a great family and Phil is their leader. The show reminds me of the modern day Little House on The Prairie or The Walton's. The difference is this fun family struck it rich. The best part of this family is they have money, but they don't lose their faith in God.

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