Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Right Car Lease Deal Can Save You Money

My wife totaled her car a couple of months ago. She has been afraid to sit behind the wheel since. Lately, she has talked about buying a new car for her to drive. I told her that it might be a better idea for her to buy a used car or lease a vehicle. She decided she would look for car lease deals and see what she could find. I am a little nervous because I still remember the accident. It was horrible watching my wife cry about the accident right after it was over. I believe she will eventually get behind the wheel again, but I don't want it to happen until she is ready.

There are some major differences between buying a new or leased car. New cars cost a lot of money and lose their value as soon as you drive off the lot. Leased vehicles have their draw backs too. Leased vehicles limit the amount of miles you can drive because the dealer doesn't want to lose too much value om the vehicle. This is good if you don't drive a lot, bad if you drive for a living. Finding a great car lease deal, can save you money and make it more worthwhile buying a lease instead of a new vehicle. The right car lease deal can save you money.

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