Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Really Really Clogged Up Day

Life seems to be full of problems. Just the other day, the washing machine clogged up. I told my wife about it, but she must not have heard me. She used the washing machine anyway and it backed up even more. I had to try to fix it on Saturday, but had no luck. I decided I had better call the plumber. We don't have a phone book anymore because of the internet. I decided to find the plumber on and then give them a call. I was afraid if I opened the washing machine myself, I would have another flood in my house. Yes, it has happened before. When we first moved into the house, the pipes messed up and the entire house flooded out. A few years later, the plumbing backed up and blew a hole in the inner garage wall.

Rotorooter is a great plumbing company. They have been around for many years and their plumbers really know what they are doing. They make sure they get the job done right each and every time. That is why I decided to look them up on the internet and get their contact information. With all of the plumbing problems I have, I should keep them on speed dial. Well, the plumbing was fixed and then the air-conditioner went out the same day. It seems like everything bad happens at once and it really stresses you out.

I called the air company and they came right out. They checked out our system and they fixed what was ailing it. The technician came to my door and told me what happened. A guy from their company came out the month before and he gave our system a tune-up. He set up something wrong and the drain clogged up. This stopped the air-conditioner from working. Unlucky for us, it happened on a very hot day here in Florida. The technician admitted it was his company's mistake, gave me paperwork and told me the system would be good for the rest of the year. It was amazing to me that I had two major appliances in my house clogged up on the same day. Thanks to the plumber and the air-conditioner technician took the stress out of my very tough day.

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