Thursday, February 21, 2013

Concrete Is A Strong Building Material

We recently built a house in the Philippines. The entire house is built out of concrete. There is much more concrete in our home in the Philippines than our home in Florida. Houses are built this way in the Philippines because they have Typhoons and the winds can get very powerful. We even have concrete countertops in the home. They look good because the builders made them look really nice. It amazes me to have a home in the Philippines that is bigger and better than our home here. My wife's mother lives in the home, it is the first comfortable home she has ever lived in.

Concrete is a very important building material in the Philippines. The people with cheap wooden huts are the people who lose their homes when the storms pass through. It is the same here in this country. The buildings that are built for strength hold up much better than mobile homes are cheaper manufactured houses. We have a good amount of concrete in our home in Florida too. Our home is rated to withstand 120 mile winds. This is because there are hurricanes that come lurk near Florida each and every year. I am glad our house is strong and part of that strength comes from the concrete.

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