Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Walking Dead Have Infected The Rays And Tropicana Field

If you are like I am, you are looking forward to the new season of the Walking Dead which is just around the corner in October. If you can't wait, you are in luck. Have you checked out Tropicana Field and the Rays lately? The Walking Dead have infected the Rays and Tropicana Field.

I'm not sure when it all began. The Rays vs. Red Sox series was supposed to be one of the highlights of the years. The Red Sox decided to give their players away and the Rays have become zombies in MLB uniforms. To make matters worse, the fans have stayed away from Tropicana Field because they know about the infection. They would rather watch the action on television (at home) where they are protected from the spreading disease.

The few fans who show up, walk into Tropicana Field at a slow steady pace. Each one competing with the next to get on the popular television show. After six or seven innings, the fans become zombies right in front of your eyes. They have spent three hours watching their team go through the motions one more time. They have nothing to cheer about except maybe one or two hits that find their way through the infield and die in a field of dreams.

The most action in the series (thus far) was when Alex Cobb went after Jose Molina. I really thought he was going to bite that guy, but he was pushed back by wooden sticks and a mob in baseball uniforms. Suddenly, everything went back to normal. No blood, not guts and no action.

It is a shame the Walking Dead infected the Rays and Tropicana Field. It was a good season until the zombies took over Joe Maddon and his Rays. No manager of the year for this guy this time. At least he will be able to spend the off season watching our favorite show, The Walking Dead. Somebody should have told the Rays that October is zombie season, not September....

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