Sunday, September 2, 2012

Celebrity Birthdays on August 31

1931 Jean Beliveau, Canadian ice hockey player, Hall of Fame Center for the Montreal Canadians who won the Stanley Cup ten times
1935 Frank Robinson, American baseball player and manager, Hall of Fame outfielder who won two World Series
1940 Wilton Felder, saxophone and bass player, co-founder of Crusaders
1941 William DeWitt, Jr., is an American businessman and currently the managing partner and chairman of the St. Louis Cardinals
1945 Van Morrison, Northern Irish singer-songwriter
1948 Rudolf Schenker, German guitarist and songwriter (Scorpions)
1949 Richard Gere, American actor
1955 Edwin Moses, American hurdler who won two Gold Medals in the Olympics in the 400m hurdles
1967 Gene Hoglan, American drummer (Devin Townsend, Strapping Young Lad, Testament, Fear Factory)
1968 Hideo Nomo, Japanese baseball player and pitcher in MLB
1970 Debbie Gibson, in 1987 she was pronounced the youngest artist to write, produce, and perform a No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, with her song "Foolish Beat"
1970 Zack Ward, Canadian actor who played in a bunch of films
1972 Chris Tucker, American actor and comedian
1983 Larry Fitzgerald, American football player, Pro Bowl wide-receiver for the Arizona Cardinals

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