Thursday, August 30, 2012

Finding Those Perfect Groomsmen Gifts

My wife went to her best friends wedding recently in Oakland, California. She met her friend in Cebu when they were teenagers and they both eventually moved to the United States. I met my wife in Cebu twelve years ago, we were married eleven years ago. My wife's friend Arlene met her husband in California a couple of years ago and they are finally happily married.

Oakland was cold and cloudy when we stepped off the plane. Arlene was busy with wedding things and she gave my wife the job of finding groomsmen gifts. My wife loves weddings and she was happy to do this for Arlene. My wife is also good at finding the right gifts for the right people. Lately, she has been buying her gifts online. She believes it is easier to find what she is looking for and she says the prices are great. My wife was excited to see her friend and show her the gifts.

Arlene was all smiles when we met her. You could tell she was tired, but she was glad to see her friends. She drove us to a friend's house where we would stay for the week. She made sure we were settled and gave us something to snack on. My wife showed her the presents for the groomsmen and Arlene was extremely happy. She asked my wife where she found the gifts and then they began to talk about the good old days. The wedding was beautiful and the gifts were perfect.

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