Thursday, August 30, 2012

Using A UTV Vehicle For Work And Play

My brother bought a cool UTV vehicle at an auction in NY. He wanted another one to use in the winter to plow snow out of his driveway. He has an old ATV, but it no longer does the job. It breaks down more often than not and he needed a more dependable UTV vehicle. We tested the vehicle and it worked great. We got it for about half of what it is worth and my brother is very happy. Now he wants to find UTV accessories that will fit his needs.

I believe the UTV will be used at his summer place to have fun in the acre upon acres of land surrounding the lake. He will keep it in his shed for play in the summer and work in the winter. When winter falls upon NY in October, he will take the UTV to his house and set it up to plow the driveway. UTV vehicles are perfect vehicles for entertainment and better work vehicles. This vehicle will save a ton of time and energy during the long cold winters in NY.

My brother is now talking about buying another UTV vehicle to help him when he cuts wood for the winter. He cuts many cords of wood to keep his place heated through the winter. He doesn't want to use the UTV vehicle he just bought for this job because it will eventually wear it out. He wants another UTV vehicle that can take all of the pounding it will take in the woods when they cut down trees for firewood. I'm sure he will find another UTV vehicle at a good price to fulfill this job.

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