Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Celebrity Birthdays on August 28

1916 Jack Vance, American author, Vance has published 11 mysteries as John Holbrook Vance and 3 as Ellery Queen, most of his books are published under the name Jack Vance
1932 Andy Bathgate, Canadian ice hockey player, Hall of Fame right winger in the NHL
1943 David Soul, American actor best known for his role as Detective Kenneth "Hutch" Hutchinson in the television program Starsky and Hutch
1943 Lou Piniella, American baseball manager who loves to yell at Umpires, won three World Series championships, one as a player on the New York Yankees
1944 Melvin Dummar, American claimant to the Howard Hughes estate, he lost his case, but there was a movie made about him and his claims to the fortune
1948 Danny Seraphine, American musician (Chicago), one of the great bands for many and many years
1950 Ron Guidry, American baseball player and coach, former pitcher for the New York Yankees
1958 Scott Hamilton, American figure skater who won a Gold Medal in the 1984 Olympic Games
1960 Emma Samms, English actress
1965 Shania Twain, Canadian singer known for her beauty and great country music
1969 Jason Priestley, Canadian-born actor
1969 Jack Black, American actor and comedienne
1971 Janet Evans, American swimmer with four gold medals in the Olympic Games
1980 Debra Lafave, American former teacher and convicted sex offender, amazingly she was born in the town I now live in, quite the coincidence
1982 LeAnn Rimes, American singer with a beautiful voice

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