Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tail Town Friends on Facebook

I am not a Facebook game player. I think it is because it takes so much of your time and my time is valuable with family and work. I was sent a figurine for the Tail Town Friends game on Facebook We received chef who makes world class cuisine. The figurine is cute, is hand painted and comes with a code to add to the Tail Town Friends game on Facebook. Who knows if I will become a game player on Facebook because of this Tail Town Friends Game.
Profile Picture of Tail Towns

I checked out the game a little bit on Facebook. You are asked to do things in the game and you get rewarded when you finish the game. If you add your figurine code, you will be connected with the story line of that figurine in the game. There are 12 figurines in series 1 of Tail Town Friends on Facebook. Each figurine cost $14. I'm guessing if this game becomes popular, the figurines will go up in value, but who knows.

The part of the game I played was you visit farms and collect apple trees. You earn acorns when you find the apple trees and you can also buy properties. I added the code from the chef and received a bunch of acorns and other stuff in the game. The game also gives you the option to buy more figurines. Interesting game and will be fun to those people who have the time and money to play it. Check out Tail Town Friends on Facebook, it is interesting and fun. Hopefully, the pictures will give you some idea how this game looks like.

Disclaimer: I received the Tail Town Friends figurine to review, all the opinions of this game are my own and I was not paid for this review

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