Thursday, September 6, 2012

Men and Grooming and Shaving Every Day

I remember when I was a young teenager. I saw my dad shaving and I decided I wanted to be just like him. I decided I would wait until he went to work and then I would try to shave. I took the shaving cream, spread it on my face and used the razor. I did a pretty good job, but I did get a few small cuts on my face. When my father came home from work, he looked at me and laughed. He knew I shaved my face and I think he may have been a little proud of me for doing it.

That was the day I learned grooming for men was more work than I could ever have imagined. By the time I was seventeen I could grow a full beard. I was proud of myself because now I believed I was a man. I joined the army and I had to shave every day. It was the rule, if you didn't shave, they shaved you themselves without shaving cream. When I reached my twenties, I had to shave every day for other reasons. If I went a day or two without shaving, I would get ingrown hairs on my face. If you ever had ingrown hairs, you know they are horrible to deal with.

I have been shaving every day for many years. I believe I could grow a full beard in less than a week now. I am like a werewolf when it comes to growing hair on my face. Now that I am a middle-aged man, I am no longer proud of that fact. Shaving is now a part of life. I have to shave to look good for work and to keep those horrible ingrown hairs away.

It is important to me to have the best shaving gear to make shaving easier and make my face feel the best. When you have thick hair on your face, you need to have a good razor and shaving cream to help you through the process. It's a good thing that there are companies who understand men and our shaving habits. Men like to look good and feel comfortable. This is especially true for those of us who have to shave every day of our lived due to necessity. One important lesson I learned is not to allow my children to begin shaving their faces when they are only thirteen years old.

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