Friday, September 21, 2012

Using The Right Tools That Fit The Job

My friend Doug recently graduated from college as a mechanic. He worked for a few months at a shop, but decided he wanted to begin his own. Doug would rather work for himself and build his own customers. He didn't want to rely on a local garage to build his reputation. I asked him if he understood the investment it would take to start his own garage. Doug did not care about the costs because this has always been his dream.

Doug decided to grown his garage slowly. He realized that building his reputation was the most important part of his business. He used his own garage to work on cars around the neighborhood and get to know the people. It took a few months until word spread around and Doug had more customers than he could handle. Doug does his work well, he is honest and he stands behind his work. If something goes wrong with your car, Doug stands behind his reputation.

It was time for Doug to begin buying automotive tools for his business. Each car he worked on seemed to take one or two different specialized tools. He began buying all the top brands for his company including baldor. Doug finally opened his garage last week. He already has customers who know him and his work. I really believe he will be successful because he uses only the best tools and stands behind his reputation.

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