Monday, September 17, 2012

Putting In A New Lawn Sprinkler System

We wanted to put a new lawn sprinkler system around our house. Florida has dry months and you actually need a sprinkler system if you don't want all of your plants to dry up. I have a friend who agreed to put the system in, all I needed was a place to buy the parts. My friend suggested a company he deals with online, so we checked it out. Doug put his own lawn sprinkler system in and it works great. It is great to have friends that can save you money on things you don't know how to do yourself.

We ordered the parts and they came in by the end of the week. Doug was busy on the weekend, but he was free on Monday. He told me he would be able to put the system in within a day which really made me happy. I was looking forward to having a sprinkler system because we lost many plants over the years due to the dry months. Florida is strange because some months you get plenty of rain and other months you get no rain at all. We really need the sprinkler system during these off months.

Doug let me help him put the system in, he believed it would be good for me to learn how everything worked. I did most of the carrying and lifting, Doug did the mechanical work. I asked Doug to give me a little hands on experience, so he allowed me to help him with sprinkler head installation. I actually put them together and learned how the sprinkler heads worked. It felt really cool getting some real hands on experience at a job I had never done before. Now that the job is done, we will no longer worry about the dry weather we get in Florida during the winter months.

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