Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Florida Black Racer Snake

We were gardening and replacing some grass in our front yard. We also had to rake a bunch of leaves, just the usual yard work. I also had to cut some branches off the bushes and the large oak tree in our yard. We were finished and my wife was walking to the front door of her house. A very large black racer snake slithered by and she jumped back. I looked up the snake when we got in the house and found out it is not poisonous. They won't bother you as long as you ignore them and let them be. They will bite you if you try to catch them or harm them. They are a snake that gets rid of rodents, so they are good for the environment. This is nice to know because I had one slither by me one day when I was jogging. If you ever visit Florida, we have a bunch of poisonous snakes, but the black racer is not one of them. It just looks scary.

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