Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bluegreen Resorts Review Number One

I will be reviewing this company over the next couple of weeks. My wife and I went to Ellenton, FL to the outlet malls. A guy introduced us to Bluegreen Resorts. For $199 we are supposed to get a fifty dollar gift card, 4 day cruise for two, and another 25 dollar gift card. We are also supposed to stay in a hotel on the beach in St. Petersburg, FL for four nights. So far we have received the fifty dollar gift card and a letter that tells us where to meet. It is odd that you have to show up before you even get to know where you will be staying.

In the meantime, I checked out all the bad reviews on the internet. I also checked eBay and found out you can buy one of their timeshares for a dollar. The problem is each one has an above $700 maintenance fee which is collected each year you own the timeshare. I'm going in with my eyes wide open to their timeshare. Stay tuned for the next review. I have to call them again because they want me to confirm the reservation I already made.

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