Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Trip Through The Woods And A Fight With The Deer Flies

Doug and I decided to take a six mile hike through the woods. About a mile into the hike, the deer flies acted like I was a rotten piece of meat and they were hungry for me. Over the next five miles, hundreds of these flies dive bombed me, trying to get a taste of my flesh. I never thought my flesh actually tasted this delicious. I killed fourteen of these beasts and they managed to take a chunk out of me two times.

The deer flies made me pick up the pace through the woods. I was walking so fast, that I heard animals take off all around me. All I really saw was a baby snake, a huge slug, a large owl that I startled (likely out of his sleep) and a good size black racer who slithered into the woods in front of me. When I reached the end of my walk, I was thankful. The deer flies decided they liked the woods and did not follow me to the car.

As I waited for Doug, I talked to forest ranger who pulled up. He asked me about the animals I saw on my hike and was especially interested in hearing about the big owl. He agreed it was unusual to see one in the middle of the day. He told me the deer flies would only be active for another two to three weeks. He said he had to deal with them dive bombing him many times and understood my hate.

Finally, Doug made it out of the woods. I was starting to wonder if the deer flies were too much for him, but he came out in one piece. I was disappointed that he only managed to kill one lonely deer fly. I am saddened that my friend was out maneuvered by a clan of buzzing deer flies.

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