Thursday, February 19, 2015

The 5 Love Languages for Men: Tools for Making a Good Relationship Great Gary Chapman

So everybody knows, this is how my reviews work. I will copy information about the product from Amazon, so you get the information from the companies own mouth about the product I will add a picture, then I will give you an opinion about the product in my own words. I think it is important to have the information from the company and an unbiased opinion, so you know the most about each particular product.

Falling in love is easy. Keeping the sizzle in your marriage? That's more like grilling the perfect steak-it takes time, attention, and some secret spices. Mastering your wife's heart doesn't have to be complicated, but it will take a little effort. Good intentions alone will not get the job done.
Gary Chapman gears this edition of his #1 New York Times multi-million best seller to your needs, challenges, and interests as a husband. What really fills your wife's love tank? (It may not be what you think.) How can you let her know what you're thinking and feeling?  What canyou do to make sex more meaningful and pleasurable for you both? This book offers a straightforward approach that will equip you for relational success.
Discover the secret that has already transformed millions of relationships worldwide. As you learn this simple, yet profound, concept for communicating love, you'll be more confident and courageous in the ways that matter most. Really!
"When you express your love for your wife using her primary love language, it's like hitting the sweet spot on a baseball bat or golf club. It just feels right-and the results are impressive." -Gary Chapman
I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review. When you get married, we often don't know what we are getting into. It's a kind of an on the job training type of experience. Most of us men make mistakes with how we treat our wives. Some of us learn from those mistakes, others never learn. The book the 5 Languages for Men, Tools for Making a Good Relationship Great by Gary Chapman gives you some important ideas about how to treat your wife the right way.

I spent fourteen years figuring this stuff out myself. I would upset my wife and she would be grumpy at me for days. I had to learn how to treat her in a way that makes her happy and feel good about herself. I mean no relationship is perfect, but our relationship is growing now more than it has before. This book gives all men ideas about the right way to treat your wife. How to communicate to her in a way that makes her happy. I believe once we realize woman are not like our buddies, but our wives, it will put us in the right direction. If you pay attention to these ideas, they will really help you in your relationship. I noticed that Gary Chapman has other books that teaches each type of person how to treat other people. So don't worry men, he isn't just picking on us. He is trying to help everybody.

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