Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Discover the Secret to Blast Fat! Speed Jump Rope Review

So everybody knows, this is how my reviews work. I will copy information about the product from Amazon, so you get the information from the companies own mouth about the product I will add a picture, then I will give you an opinion about the product in my own words. I think it is important to have the information from the company and an unbiased opinion, so you know the most about each particular product.
  • New Year, New You! Unlike other ropes which have cheap plastic ball bearing, this has 4 high-grade metal ball bearings, which promote faster turning of the rope. Rope Handle Turns at a 90 Degree angle to prevent tangling and bending.
  • The Ultra-speed Cable Jump Rope is your best workout option for Endurance Training, and General Cardio. The Secret Sauce to Blasting Fat is by doing 50-100 jump ropes, a few times and a few minutes daily, anytime and anywhere! Whether at work before lunch, at home, at a gym or at a park, get ready to master those double unders using our lightweight wire cable for ultra fast spinning!
  • The rope is also very light, making it easy for beginners to master double and even triple unders. The cable is 10ft long, and easily adjustable to be used by people of different heights.
  • This is a wire rope so WIRE CUTTERS may be needed to cut the rope. Made of very tough material, meant to increase durability for the rope regardless of the environment you train in. Perfect for Cross Fitness Training, Boxing, Endurance Training & General Cardio
  • PORTABLE - With the rope, you also get a nylon bag to carry it in so you can bring it with you everywhere and Start Jump Roping when you have a few moments!
We received this product in exchange for an honest review. When I was accepted to try this jump rope, I pulled out a couple of old jump ropes and began jumping again. It took awhile to get back into the jumping. I did have problems with he ropes too. One was too light and the wind messed me up. The other rope was weighted and the weight eventually broke off. I had to take some tape to keep it together. This jump rope came well packaged with a carry bag. Could have used it on my recent Phoenix trip. The jump rope is solid, you can adjust it to your size. This is great to be able to use a jump rope that actually fits you. The rope is solid and it is easy to jump with it. My kids are getting in the act with me. My daughter is doing pretty well and my son is learning how to jump rope. This rope is great and I will add it to my daily workout routine.

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