Monday, February 2, 2015

Equipment You Need in a Carbine or Rifle Match

Carbine and rifle action shooting matches are becoming increasingly popular. With the growth of action shooting matches on the web and this sport spreading through word of mouth, there will be more competition than ever before. As a matter of fact, anyone can have a rifle match no matter what their skill is and they can have an excellent time while they learn how to participate in the matches.

Amongst the most consistently asked questions is, ‘What should I bring to the rifle match?’ The initial thing you’ll need is a rifle! The most typical rifle brought to matches includes the AR-15-style rifle. Many rivals shoot the AR-15-style rifle in .223, and it’s an exceptional option for these types of matches. Because an AR-15 is very popular, there are multiple brands to select from and more accessories to add to the rifle. Moreover, the recoil of the AR-15, or any .223 rifle, is easily to control. It allows for rapid, easy firing while shooting at the match.

Besides a bare bones rifle, most competitors bring accessories along with them. The kind of accessories they bring depends mainly on which category a competitor wants to compete in. Usually there are 3 categories in a rifle match: open, tactical, and tactical irons. Just like the title connotes, rivals within the tactical irons division can only utilize iron sights. Many competitors don’t shoot within this category and it is not advised for newcomers. Shooting the target at 200+ yards suing an iron sight is challenging. The tactical division, which is the next division, permits a competitor to place a scope or optic on the rifle. It’s the most popular division and is advised for beginners. The final category, the open division, is for rivals who wish to place optics on the rifle in addition to having additional accessories, like bipods, etc. Usually, this class is filled up with competitors who are experienced.

While setting up the gun for a tactical division, there are some important configurations and items to keep in mind. First, an excellent scope should be used. A power scope that is adjustable is a perfect solution, especially if it has a range of 1 - 4 power. Great scopes in the marketplace include Trijicon Accupoint and Millett DMS. An additional vital feature is having an excellent muzzle break. Though the .223 has low recoil, the muzzle break will pay huge dividends in competition and will be utilized by most competitors. Muzzle breaks are also better combined with barrels of a minimum of 18” in length for optimal results. Finally, a competitor must check with the director if handguards with rails are permitted. Specific matches sometimes just permit a featureless handguard.

After the gun is properly set up, a competitor should also bring enough ammunition and magazines for a match. Commonly, 2 AR-15 thirty round magazines that have a magazine cinch is the perfect solution, with a 3rd 30 round magazines as a spare. Most of the time a set-up like this is more than adequate.

Now that you have an idea about what is needed to compete within a carbine or rifle match, it’s time to get equipped and then go shooting! 

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