Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Selling Your Watch At Crown & Caliber

You have a beautiful watch and you want to sell it. You could try to sell it yourself, but it is better to sell your watch through a company that knows what they are doing. In the long run, you will get a better price for your watch and everything will run smoothly. Crown & Caliber is the company you should look at, when you want to sell your beautiful and expensive watch. They have been through the process many times and they really know what they are doing.

  • The customer submits the info on their watch through a form on Crown & Caliber's site
  • [This quote request also includes a comprehensive phone call with an expert horologist who will work to get all the details needed to provide the most accurate assessment]
  • Then within a day or two the customer receives two quotes 1) a cash offer and 2) a consignment offer
  • Regardless of the option chosen, C&C sends the customer pre-paid/insured packaging materials to ship their watch. 
  • C&C receives the customer's watch and then it is verified and authenticated. 
  • [If the consignment option is chosen, the C&C team then cleans, services (if needed), photographs, and lists your watch for sale, to thousands of interested buyers]
  • Then the watch is sold and payment is provided, or, the original cash offer is provided, depending on which the customer chose. 
Here is some pictures of the watch I decided to try to sell for the purpose of this review. I didn't actually sell the watch. The watch I chose was Tag Heuer Monza CR2113.FC6164. The pictures were provided by the Crown & Caliber Company.

This is the information I received from Crown & Caliber about this watch and how they would sell it. They will send you the same type of information about your particular watch. You will know how much the watch will sell for and you will be given all the information you need to know about your watch.

Dear (customer),

Thank you for contacting Crown & Caliber about selling your .  It was a pleasure speaking with you and we hope to provide you with the most outstanding service and financial reward for your timepiece. 

Crown & Caliber will sell your watch within 60 days for at least $ $1,400.   Based on our experience and the current pre-owned market sales data for your particular timepiece, we could achieve a higher sales price and will begin by listing your watch for more.   The initial list price is at the discretion of the sales manager.   In order for us to sell your watch for the highest amount possible, we often need to respond quickly to interested buyers.  Therefore, you agree to allow us to sell your watch as long as we have an offer equal to or greater than the “Estimate”.  We have a cash offer, but we think you can make a lot more on your watch with our consignment option. 

For details of this service, including our fee schedule, please click here .   By choosing our consignment option, our certified watchmakers will clean and fully service your watch.  Our photography expert will then professionally photograph your watch.  Then our sales team will then list your watch on our site as well as several other e-commerce sites, market to our following of nearly 50,000 national and international collectors, enthusiasts and dealers to sell your watch.

Due to the fluctuations in the pre-owned market, this offer expires in 48 hours.  If you would like to proceed, please reply to this email within 48 hours with your mailing address and phone number and we will send you a prepaid and fully insured package to ship your watch to us for free. 
***The package we provide is a Large FedEx box which measures 3” tall.  If your watch box will not fit in this package, please let us know, and we will include an additional FedEx shipping label so that you can send your watch box in a separate package.
I invite you to call me if you have any questions or wish to discuss this offer further.

As you can see, Crown & Caliber is a professional company that knows how to sell your watch for the best price possible. Check them out and see what you think.

This is a review of an online service provided by Crown & Caliber, the opinions about this service are my own opinions.

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