Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Reviewing Natural Products

Sometimes you wonder if the review of natural products are real. I have received many natural products over the past few months. My wife and/or I actually use these products before I review them. I also look up more information to make sure they are not dangerous before I use them myself. Today, I reviewed and tried Yacon Root Syrup, Krill Oil and a few other items. My wife is using vitamin c serum everyday and finds many benefits from the product.

A couple of months ago, I tried a product that gives you energy when you work out. This product was tried/reviewed. This was one of the only bad reviews I gave on a natural product. The product made me feel very strange. I felt like it was too dangerous to keep using. I have never reviewed another product from this company.

Natural products are often better for you, they often do not have additives that are bad for you. Too many times, you hear about products (you can buy in the store) that are supposed to be good for you, but actually harm you.

I used Diet Pepsi when I worked out for years. I believed the product to be safe, until my kidneys filled up with kidney stones and I had cancer in my right kidney. The cancer is gone (was cut out). I stopped Diet Pepsi and the kidney stones and cancer are gone.

I knew an old preacher (years ago) that warned me about packaged products and told me the importance of natural vitamins and products. He took vitamins and ate good natural food with his wife. I thought he was crazy. Now, both him and his wife are in their eighties. They are very healthy people because they believed in natural products and drinking a lot of water.

I am not perfect when it comes to diets. However, I now drink a lot of water, eat the best I can and exercise every day. Natural products seem to work better for me, than all the packaged foods we can buy in the supermarket. I now drink water instead of Diet Pepsi. I also take Vitamin B complex, instead of drinking energy drinks. I am more healthy and believe in the products I review.

If I see another dangerous natural product in a future review, I will warn you to stay away from it. Otherwise I will inform you about the products I use and how they work for my wife and I.

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