Sunday, June 1, 2014

God And Our Imperfections

David was a man of God. He killed Goliath and became a great man of God. David lived for God and became the king of God's people. David was an imperfect man, but God worked through these imperfections. David saw Bathsheba and lusted after her. He had to have her. He murdered her husband, so he could have her. David was an imperfect man,

None of us are perfect, but God can work through us too. We all have our weaknesses and commit sins against God. Jesus died and rose from the grave, to save all of us from our sins. We will never be perfect Christian's until we finally make it to heaven. Don't let this fact let you down. Remember, God can work through your imperfections too. We ask God for forgiveness from our sins and he forgives them and forgets what we have done wrong.

Imperfection are who we are. God knows each one of us and our imperfections. He can use every one of us for his good. David was a man of God and I know you and I are too. God makes each one of us stronger, despite our weaknesses, if we give ourselves and our lives to Him. Without Him, we can do nothing. But with Him, we can do great things, even though all of us are far from perfect.

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