Friday, November 30, 2012

The Place To Buy Luxury Oceanfront Homes In South Florida

The Power Ball was huge this week.We usually don't buy tickets, but we just couldn't help ourselves. My wife thought it would be nice to win and buy a luxury oceanfront condo at Bellaria. She found this cool website that deals in luxury condos and houses in the South Florida area. You have to be a rich person to buy one of these beautiful condos and thus our dream of lottery winners. By now, you know we didn't win the Power Ball and we are still just regular people. Still, the site is cool and has some of the nicest luxury Real Estate from Miami Beach to Palm Beach.

My wife decided to check out some of the properties on South Beach. She looked up luxury oceanfront condos at Apogee in South Beach and found some beautiful places to live. The site is well put together and they make it easy for you to find a new first, second or third home in beautiful sunny South Florida. If we won the lottery, I think my wife would have decided to move us to Miami.

The site also has a blog that will keep you informed about the housing market in the South Florida area. They tell you how luxury waterfront property in the Miami area is hot. The market is boiling and this is the place to go if you want to buy a new beautiful home on the waterfront in Miami. Don't forget to check out the luxury oceanfront condominiums at Apogee on South Beach. They are stunning.

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