Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fashionable Gifts for a Wife During Christmas

Fashionable Gifts for a Wife During Christmas

Like most fathers you’re most likely fairly busy during the holiday season either working, taking care of the kids, trying to make time to spend time with your wife, or all of the above. If you’re on a hunt for great gifts for your wife during Christmas you’re not alone. Sometimes it’s hard figuring out what she will like best and will also make her smile. It never hurts to ask her what she has in mind this holiday instead of playing guessing games or you could also try writing down the items you know that she loves before shopping. Don’t try to be too inventive – stick with what you know she looks forward to the most and you can even ask your kids for advice too. Try to have fun shopping for your wife during the holidays and she’ll definitely look forward to opening your presents when Christmas arrives.

Sparkly Tops and Earrings – If she doesn’t currently own party attire but desires some sparkly elements, head on over to Anne Taylor Loft or Banana Republic and see if they have any party styled tops that glisten. If you’re unsure of her size you can either ask her before going shopping or check inside the closet – chances are you’ll be able to find a similar top from the name brand name if it is her favorite. If you’re still not sure when you purchase something if it will work get a gift receipt, that way she can exchange it for something else should she change her mind. She’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness though and remember it’s the thought that counts.

Hair Extensions and Accessories – Does she have short hair that she’d like to have longer? Depending on your budget you may want to consider buying her hair extensions. Perfect Locks is a quality company who offers a variety of hair extensions that thicken the hair up and make current tresses look longer and lovelier. If you’re not sure what to gift her with in regards to extensions, ask her stylist what he or she recommends or ask customer service – they’re more than happy to help you! If she’s really into her hair chances are she also loves hair accessories, so also look into buying oils that will make her hair silky smooth and other products that she may love but doesn’t necessarily buy all of the time for herself.

Plan a Romantic Dinner or Massage – If she really desires the gift of time, have your kids help you make a fun homemade gift card that says you’d like to take her out for a dinner and a movie, or get her a message. A couple’s massage is a great way to spend time together and so is having dinner with her – it’s a creative Christmas gift that will be perfect for the both of you as well!

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