Monday, May 30, 2016


I had the opportunity to read the Wise Guys book. This book teaches you how to unlock hidden wisdom from the men around you. In today's society, we are filled with a bunch of me people. It seems that most people are so busy, they are always thinking about themselves and what they need to get done. My friends and I talk about this a lot. I remember last week when a lady nearly plowed me over with a shopping cart at Lowe's. I said "I hope you don't drive your car like that, you may hurt somebody." She slipped out of some kind of daze, looked at me and apologized. She never realized I was there. I think all of us do this type of thing sometimes.

As men (especially Christian men) we can't afford to be like this. We have to be aware of the world around us. This book teaches us to learn from other men (around us) how we should live our Christian lives. We all have friends in the church. I look up to many of them and I actually do try to learn from them. I'm always praying to God to give me more wisdom and I have to realize that a lot of this wisdom is already around me.

The book is a quick read, with a lot of examples about how to seek wisdom and use it in your life. If all Christian men would do this, we could all be walking down that same road, following Jesus and doing what He wants us to do with our lives. I'm also learning that each of us have to slow down if we really want to becoming wiser men. If we become too busy, there is not time to learn from others.

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