Friday, May 6, 2016

Odd Doctor Questions-Why Does The Overweight Nurse Tell Me To Go On A Low Fat Diet?

I've had these questions twirling around in my mind for years. I think it's about time somebody out there in the cyber world answered them. Today, I have a couple of questions about the medical industry that just drive me crazy. The first one is why does the overweight nurse tell me to go on a low fat diet?

I remember going to the doctor one time. I saw this nurse eating lunch. A large cheeseburger with bacon and a plate filled with fries. This nurse was about five foot four and weighed about 300 pounds. This was the same nurse that told me I needed to go on a low fat diet. I am five foot eleven and 196 pounds. I know lot fat diets are not just weight related.

I just have that question. Why are their no rules in the medical community that say you have to take care of yourself if you are a doctor or a nurse? Doesn't it make it harder to tell your patients to follow a certain diet, when you are not following a good diet yourself? it's kind of like me telling you not to blow through the stop sign and speeding through the same sign myself. 

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